Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You've grown up with me.

I've been a so-called "blogger" for five years (give or take one). I've become a young woman, and with support of my parents, friends, and a handful of people that read a post or two, I've been able to catalogue my experience.  Sure, I dropped off a few times, and absolutely, some of the things I wrote are face-palm worthy.  With that being said I want to thank people like Ali Cross, Kirsten Miller, and Beth Revis, who encouraged me along the way.  As young as I was, I had more than enough support to keep writing.  For that reason and more, I am monumentally blessed to be able to look back and revel in all of the awkward transitions leading up to being a freshman in highschool. (Let me tell you, I don't use the word awkward lightly!) Thank you to every last one of the friends, teachers, and authors who inspired the uncoolcarrot, Abnerette, blogs which shall not be named.  You know who you are, I hope.