Saturday, November 3, 2012


Today I had the honor of meeting the up-and-coming children's author, Britta Nell Jackson. She is a lovely, sweet woman from my home town and the author of Giovanni Spider Hunter (Hunt One)
The book follows Giovanni, a brave, bold, strong, and powerful big game hunter of spiders from the wide open high plains. The book is illustrated by Paige Nester.  The narration of the book flows really well and the spiders are really cute and colorful.  This is a great book for any boy or girl and I can tell you, both of my brothers Gabe (2) and Andrew (9) love the book and we can't wait for another.

In other news, I got Lois Lowry's new book "Son" and I'm really excited to read it. Will have you know, I'm writing this BEFORE I read it.  Discipline, guys, it's what's for dinner.  I'll be here again tomorrow.

Until then. 

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